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Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world

Are you tired of the constraints of reality and longing for a universe where you can let your imagination run wild? Welcome to Toca Life World, an enigmatic game that offers an escape from the mundane, allowing players to design their own paradise right on their digital screen. This game is an epitome of creativity, where you can create your unique characters, design houses, and weave your own stories. 

Stepping into a World of Unending Possibilities

As soon as you download Toca Life World, you are welcomed into a realm that screams endless possibilities. From making your unique characters to designing your desired houses, Toca Life World hands over the reins of creativity to you. Boasting of a Home Designer tool, the game invites you to design and decorate your dwellings in your own unique style. If character creation is more your speed, the Character Creator tool allows you to personalize your character's appearance and attributes. 

A Gift that keeps on Giving

The game is not just about creation and exploration; it’s also about the joy of receiving. Every Friday, Toca Life World distributes free gifts to its players. These exciting presents are claimed from the Post Office and offer surprises that add a new layer of fun to your gameplay. The game also celebrates various global events, such as the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, by offering special gift events. 

Exploring the Corners of Bop City

The basic version of Toca Life World, which is free to download, includes 11 exciting locations and over 40 characters. One of these locales is Bop City, a vibrant city teeming with diverse locations for you to discover. From a bustling shopping mall and a trendy hair salon to a delicious food court, Bop City is a wonderful place to unlock secrets and tell your own stories. 

The Expansive Universe of Toca Life

If you ever find yourself yearning for more after exploring all the free locations, Toca Life World has an in-app shop with 100+ additional locations, 500+ pets, and a jaw-dropping collection of more than 600 characters. The game is continuously evolving, and new content is added in response to the players' desires and storytelling patterns. If you've been playing other Toca Life series apps, Toca Life World offers the seamless integration of your existing Toca Life stuff into this new world.

A safe playground for young minds

Toca Life World is designed as a single-player game for kids where they can safely explore, create, and role-play their characters and stories. As a company, Toca Boca puts a strong emphasis on privacy. For more information on their efforts to keep players' information secure, you can refer to their privacy policy on their website.

Conclusion: Toca Life World – A Digital Canvas for Creativity

In conclusion, Toca Life World is a beautiful blend of creativity, exploration, and storytelling. It's a game that offers a unique experience to every player, allowing them to weave their own narratives in a world of their making. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to breathe life into your characters or a bustling city full of secrets to unlock, Toca Life World has got you covered.


  • Free to download with an extensive basic version;
  • Offers a platform for creativity through home and character design;
  • Receives free gifts every Friday and on special global events;
  • Constantly evolving and adding new content;
  • Offers seamless integration with other Toca Life apps;


  • The in-app purchases could come off as a bit expensive;
  • The game could benefit from more customization options;
  • The lack of multiplayer mode might be disappointing for some players;
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Author: Toca Boca
Latest Version: 1.18
Size: 45M

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