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Meet Our Founder - Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith, the visionary behind Infima, is an avid gamer and tech enthusiast. With a background in software engineering and a deep love for all things interactive, he saw the need for a platform that could bridge the gap between gamers, developers, and app users. His dream was to create a space where people could find reliable information, expert opinions, and a community that shared his passion for digital experiences.

Jeremy's journey began as a simple blog, but with his dedication, innovative ideas, and a growing team of like-minded individuals, Infima.org has evolved into a leading source for game and app-related content. Jeremy continues to lead the way, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of gaming and apps.

Meet Our Chief Editor - Anna Bells

Anna Bells is the heart and soul of our editorial team. With a background in journalism and a deep appreciation for storytelling, Anna has been instrumental in shaping the quality and authenticity of our content. Her extensive experience in the tech and gaming industry allows her to curate reviews and articles that provide readers with not only valuable information but also an engaging narrative.

Anna's commitment to ensuring that our content is fair, well-researched, and engaging is unparalleled. She's the driving force behind our dedication to delivering content that is both informative and enjoyable, catering to everyone from casual players to tech-savvy enthusiasts.

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