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Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder)

Delving into the fascinating world of the paranormal, I recently stumbled upon the Ultimate Ghost Detector, an avant-garde tool designed for the curious and the brave. With more than 2.5 million downloads under its belt, this app seems to have garnered quite a following among paranormal enthusiasts. Crafted with the aim of turning the paranormal into a tangible reality, the Ultimate Ghost Detector is a unique amalgamation of intriguing features and advanced technology. 

Unravelling the Mystical Features

The Ultimate Ghost Detector boasts five distinct modes, each offering a unique functionality. The first is the 'EMF Advanced', which operates as an EM Field detector and analyzer. This sophisticated tool comes equipped with graphs and sounds that provide detailed insights into the electromagnetic field surrounding the device. For those seeking a more simplified approach, the 'EMF Simple' mode is a straightforward EM-Field detector showcasing an LED bar or an analog meter. 

The 'EVP Recorder' is a specialized sound recorder that captures sounds for EVP analysis. A high-tech 'Motion Detector' identifies microvibrations in tables, furniture, and more, providing detailed graphs and data. Finally, the 'Multi Meter' mode is a comprehensive tool that combines the functionalities of EMF, Motion, and EVP modes, offering simultaneous data and automatic EVP recording when a sound alarm is triggered. 

Navigating the Paranormal World

The interface of the Ultimate Ghost Detector is user-friendly and intuitive. The navigation is smooth, with clear instructions and labels, making it easy for users to switch between the different modes. The quick-launch camera button and flashlight are additional features that add convenience during paranormal expeditions.

Customizing Your Paranormal Experience

Personalization is a strong suit of the app. It not only allows users to select different backgrounds but also offers the ability to change colors, providing a unique look and feel. The diverse sound alarms with vibration, the radar, compass, xyz bars and graphs, needles, and LEDs are a testament to the app's commitment to delivering a tailored user experience.

A Word on Security

The Ultimate Ghost Detector is designed with a focus on accuracy and authenticity. It provides real data directly from the sensors without any manipulation or addition of fake effects. However, it is crucial to note that the app uses the magnetic sensor of the device. If your device lacks this sensor, the app will not display any readings. Moreover, users should avoid placing their device near powerful electrical units like power transformers to prevent any potential damage. 


  • Different modes for comprehensive paranormal investigation;
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation;
  • High degree of customization;
  • Provides real data without manipulation;
  • Includes a quick-launch camera button and flashlight;


  • Not all devices may support this app due to the need for a magnetic sensor;
  • There is potential for device damage if used near powerful electrical units;
  • The app could benefit from more detailed user instructions or tutorials;


In conclusion, the Ultimate Ghost Detector is an impressive tool for anyone with an interest in paranormal investigations. Its diverse features, ease of use, and personalization options make it a top choice in its category. However, ensuring compatibility with your device and exercising caution near electrical units is vital. All in all, the Ultimate Ghost Detector warrants an impressive 4.5 out of 5 for its innovative approach to paranormal exploration.

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Author: MRE Programming
Latest Version: 1.4
Size: 12M

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