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SkyView® Explore the Universe

Title: The Universe at Your Fingertips with SkyView 

Bringing a digital observatory right to your smartphone is SkyView, an innovative app that combines augmented reality and celestial navigation. Are you curious about the constellation that twinkles above you or the exact location of Mars in the night sky? SkyView is designed to quench your curiosity, merging the physical and digital world in the palm of your hand. 

A Stargazer's Playground

SkyView's primary function is to enable iPhone users to transform their camera view into an augmented reality window, revealing the secrets of the sky. Simply launch the app and point your device towards the heavens to see a real-time representation of celestial bodies such as stars, constellations, and even satellites. Touch any celestial body on the screen to learn more about its history and fascinating facts. 

Effortless Navigation and Search

Exploring the universe can be overwhelming, given the array of stars, planets, and constellations. To make navigation easier, SkyView provides a robust search tool. This feature lets you view an organized list of celestial bodies, with options to filter your search by the type of celestial body you're interested in - be it stars, constellations, planets in our solar system, or satellites. The app intuitively lets you know whether these celestial bodies are currently above or below the horizon, aiding in a seamless stargazing experience.

A Glimpse into the Past and the Future

One of the standout features of SkyView is its ability to let you travel through time. Enter a specific date and time, and the app displays the position of stars and planets on that day. This unique feature allows you to anticipate celestial events, such as when a planet will pass closer to Earth. Additionally, you can scrub forward to see where the moon will be positioned later in the day. With this feature, SkyView truly becomes a personal astronomer.

Optimized Technology for Stellar Experience

SkyView leverages your iPhone's in-built technology - the accelerometer and the gyroscope, to enhance its functionality. Using augmented reality, it accurately identifies celestial bodies and constellations, ensuring an immersive and realistic stargazing experience right from your device.


SkyView is a remarkable app for both amateur stargazers and seasoned astronomers. It blends advanced technology with a user-friendly interface to bring the universe to your fingertips. Whether you want to know more about the night sky or plan for upcoming celestial events, SkyView proves to be a reliable companion.


  • Augmented reality view of the sky;
  • Detailed information on various celestial bodies;
  • Intuitive search tool;
  • Ability to view the night sky based on specific dates and times;
  • Utilizes iPhone's accelerometer and gyroscope for enhanced functionality;


  • It can be overwhelming for the uninitiated due to the vast array of celestial bodies;
  • Dependence on clear sky conditions for optimal use;
  • Requires adjustment to dark conditions for the best viewing experience;
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Author: Terminal Eleven
Latest Version: 3.6.3
Size: 57M

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