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Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash, the latest addition to the endless runner genre, brings the iconic blue hedgehog to the small screen. It takes Sonic's hallmark speed and puts it in the hands of players looking for a mobile gaming experience. However, the game isn't without its shortcomings.

1. Gameplay: Swift Sonic Action with a Twist

Sonic Dash takes the tried-and-true endless runner template and infuses it with the essence of Sonic. With Sonic automatically sprinting through the game environment, players must guide him by swiping left or right to navigate between three lanes. A downward swipe activates a spin dash to destroy enemies, while an upward swipe makes Sonic jump. The game controls are responsive and precise, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

However, the game does not offer any levels or missions to conquer. Your singular objective is to outrank your friends and other players in the Game Center. The inclusion of in-app purchases enables players to buy their way to the top, diminishing the credibility of the leaderboard.

2. Visual Appeal: Nostalgic Sonic Goodness

The game’s aesthetic is a visual treat, providing a colorful and cheerful environment that Sonic fans will instantly recognize. Classic Sonic sounds complement the graphics, delivering a delightful dose of nostalgia. For those who grew up with Sonic, the game's visuals and sound design are sure to summon fond memories.

3. The In-App Purchase Paradox

One glaring defect of Sonic Dash is its overreliance on in-app purchases. The game frequently nudges players to spend real money, especially when a run ends due to a mistake. For a single red ring, you can continue your run, with 30 rings available for $3.99. Additionally, you can buy a coin doubler or coin packs to accelerate your progress, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $49.99.

4. Level Design: A Mixed Bag

While the game controls are commendable, the level design leaves much to be desired. Most runs in Sonic Dash conclude with Sonic leaping over an obstacle, only to land on an unseen enemy. This design flaw can lead to frustration, particularly when you're then prompted to spend a premium ring to continue.

5. Power-Up Shop: Familiar Territory

The golden rings you amass during a run can be used to purchase power-ups like ring magnets, head starts, and a super dash boost. However, there’s nothing new or innovative here. All the power-ups are standard fare, as seen in countless other games.

Conclusion: Sonic Dash – An Unexceptional Joyride

Sonic Dash is a fun and fast-paced game that has the potential to be an enjoyable pastime. The game's graphics and controls are well-executed, and Sonic's speed offers a thrilling gaming experience. However, its lack of originality, questionable leaderboard integrity, and heavy reliance on in-app purchases detract from its overall appeal.


  • Smooth and responsive game controls;
  • Vibrant visuals and classic Sonic sounds provide a nostalgic experience;
  • Fast-paced gameplay that lives up to Sonic's reputation;


  • Lack of originality in gameplay and power-ups;
  • Overemphasis on in-app purchases;
  • Questionable leaderboard integrity due to pay-to-win mechanism;
  • Frustrating level design;

In its current state, Sonic Dash is an unexceptional experience. By addressing its flaws and adding some unique elements, it has the potential to be a standout in the endless runner genre.

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Author: SEGA
Latest Version: 4.8.2
Size: Varies with device

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