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Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

In the vast ocean of indie games that have been released over the past decade, the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor may not have been the most critically acclaimed. However, its success cannot be denied as it found its audience, leading to the creation of multiple spin-off titles and even an animated series. One such spin-off is Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer game that aims to expand the original storyline and gameplay elements. 

Unveiling the Gameplay: A Hide and Seek with a Twist

The plot of Secret Neighbor is both sinister and intriguing. A group of children venture into the eerie house of Mr. Peterson with the intention of rescuing their friend held captive in the basement. The twist? One of the children is actually the Neighbor in disguise, tasked with sabotaging their mission and capturing all the children. This random selection of roles adds an air of suspense and unpredictability to the game. 

The gameplay is similar to its predecessor and is viewed from a first-person perspective. Players are encouraged to explore the dark, shadowy house, making smooth controls a necessity. The game's default settings may need some tweaking, as the movement can be quite sluggish, and the motion blur can be distracting, but these can be adjusted in the settings. 

Playing the Game: The Kids' Perspective

Playing as a child in Secret Neighbor can be confusing at first, especially when paired with strangers who may have their own interpretations of the game. Initially, it may be challenging to figure out the necessary steps to achieve the game's objective. However, after some trial and error, the game's objectives become clearer. Exploring the house and finding the keys to progress in the game can be enjoyable, but this excitement wanes quickly due to the clunky controls and the lack of interesting items to find aside from the crucial keys. 

Playing the Game: The Neighbor's Perspective

On the flip side, playing as the Neighbor can be enjoyable and rewarding despite the game's imbalance. The Neighbor, disguised as one of the children, can either immediately pursue the children or play it cool and strike when they least expect it. However, the game heavily favors the Neighbor, making it difficult for the children to win unless they manage to work together seamlessly and avoid the Neighbor, which can be challenging when playing with strangers.

Graphics and Design: Dark but Dull

The house's design is shrouded in darkness, with a torch to aid players in their exploration. However, the environmental design is bland and uninspiring. The lack of interesting items to find, coupled with the tedious task of searching through drawers and cupboards, can cause the game to quickly lose its appeal.

Conclusion: A Mixed Bag of Fun and Frustration

In conclusion, Secret Neighbor holds promise with its intriguing concept and suspenseful gameplay. However, its unbalanced gameplay, poor controls, and lackluster environmental design dampen the player's experience. The game can devolve into chaotic spectacles due to the unpredictable player base and the overpowered Neighbor character. It has potential for fun and enjoyment, especially when played with friends, but the overall experience may not be satisfying for all players. 


  • Intriguing concept and storyline;
  • Suspenseful and unpredictable gameplay;
  • Quick matchmaking with minimal wait times;


  • Unbalanced gameplay favoring the Neighbor;
  • Poor controls that may require tweaking;
  • Lackluster environmental design;
  • Potential for chaotic matches with strangers;

In the end, while Secret Neighbor offers some unique elements and can be enjoyable at times, it falls short in several important areas. Even fans of asymmetric multiplayer games might want to consider other options.

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