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Ultimate Custom Night

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Ultimate Custom Night, a game that expertly blends fear, strategy, and excitement in one gripping package. This game takes the concept of a survival horror game to a new level by offering a unique mash-up of animatronic characters from the famed Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF) series.

Delving into the Twisted Gameplay

The game hands over the reins of customization to the players, allowing them to select from 50 animatronic characters from across seven FNaF games. Each character's difficulty level can be adjusted from 0-20, paving the way for a truly personalized gaming experience. The setting? A confined office space where you have to defend yourself from these menacing animatronics. 

A Multitude of Tools and Challenges

Survival in Ultimate Custom Night is not just about fending off the animatronics. It's about mastering the use of a variety of tools at your disposal. From managing doors and vents to maintaining two air hoses, the game offers a multitude of challenges. Further, you can set up laser traps, collect Faz-Coins, and even purchase items from the Prize Counter to ensure your survival. Not to mention the dual Pirate Cove curtains that add an extra layer of suspense.

Graphics and Visual Appeal

The game scores high on graphics, with each animatronic character meticulously designed to exude creepiness. The confined office environment, coupled with the eerie lighting, enhances the overall horror aesthetic. The unlockable office skins provide a refreshing change, ensuring the visuals do not become monotonous.

Voice Acting and Cutscenes

The game features voice acting from both returning favorites and newcomers to the franchise, giving each animatronic a distinctive personality. The unlockable cutscenes are an added bonus, providing intriguing snippets of the FNaF lore for the dedicated gamers.


In conclusion, Ultimate Custom Night stands out as a unique survival horror game that offers a personalized gaming experience. It combines suspense, strategy, and horror, served with top-notch graphics and engaging voice acting.


  • A wide selection of 50 animatronic characters from the FNaF series;
  • Customizable difficulty levels;
  • A variety of tools and challenges to master;
  • High-quality graphics and unlockable office skins;
  • Engaging voice acting and unlockable cutscenes;


  • The game may be overly complex for some players;
  • The confined office environment may become monotonous over time;
  • Difficulty level customization can make the game too easy or too challenging;
  • The horror theme may not appeal to all players;
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Author: Clickteam USA LLC
Latest Version: 1.0
Size: 147M

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