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The Room: Old Sins

In the captivating world of puzzle games, The Room series has carved a significant niche for itself since the first installment was released in 2012. The fourth installment, The Room: Old Sins, holds true to its lineage, offering an immersive experience in puzzle-solving with a dash of mystery and suspense. 

Gameplay: A Return to the Old Charm

For fans of the original The Room series, Old Sins brings back the experience that made the first games so popular. The game starts with a tutorial that explains how to navigate through the game using touchscreen controls. This includes panning the camera around the game by dragging your finger or zooming in and out of objects by double tapping or pinching them. Old Sins primarily involves interacting with a dollhouse, teeming with secrets, evoking a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the original The Room. 

Graphics and Controls: The Game Becomes More Real

One of the standout features of The Room series is how real the game feels. As mobile hardware has improved over the years, the graphics have become more refined, making Old Sins feel even more lifelike and attractive. The eye piece, a consistent tool in the series, reveals additional secrets on an object, adding to the game’s intriguing appeal. 

The Puzzles: More Complex, Yet Rewarding

The puzzles in Old Sins involve figuring out which levers or sliders to spin in the right way, collecting items, and using those items in sometimes obvious and sometimes not so obvious ways to proceed. Items play a significantly larger role in Old Sins compared to previous installments, making the more complicated puzzles even more rewarding when you finally figure out where and how to use your items.

The Hint System: A Helpful Companion

The Room series has always been lauded for its effective hint system, and Old Sins continues this tradition. The game offers vague hints after a certain amount of time spent trying to solve a puzzle. If you’re still stuck after some time, the game provides a more detailed hint until it eventually tells you exactly what to do next. This ensures you never reach a point of extreme frustration, making the game a pleasant experience overall.

The Plot: An Optional Treat

Old Sins, like its predecessors, unravels a plot as you progress through the game. However, you can choose to either immerse yourself in the plot or ignore it completely and focus solely on the puzzles. Either way, the game offers an exciting and enriching experience.


In essence, The Room: Old Sins is a delightful addition to the celebrated series. It perfectly aligns with the high standards set by its predecessors and is a must-play for game enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of the series or a newcomer, Old Sins offers an enthralling journey of puzzle-solving and mystery.


  • The game offers an immersive experience in puzzle-solving;
  • The graphics have improved, making the game feel more realistic;
  • The hint system is very effective to prevent frustration;


  • The game leans heavily on items to solve puzzles, which some players might find overwhelming;
  • The plot can feel unnecessary if you're only interested in the puzzles;
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Author: Fireproof Games
Latest Version: 1.0.1
Size: 48M

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