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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout isn't your typical battle royale game. Developed by Mediatonic, this game takes the tension and competition of the last man standing format and douses it in hot pink and quirky costumes. The result? A vibrant, joyful, and family-friendly gaming experience that is as frustrating as it is fun. 

A Game Show-Inspired Gameplay

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout borrows much from the game show format, such as Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle. You navigate your customised jellybean character through five rounds of inflatable chaos, hoping to be crowned the winner. Each match, designed as a TV show episode, lasts around 15 minutes, reinforcing the game show ambiance. The controls are straightforward: running, jumping, diving, and grabbing are your only means to escape obstacles, avoid threats, or hang on for dear life in survival-focused events. Even if you are eliminated, you can enjoy watching the remaining players battle it out as the game's infectious soundtrack plays on.

Variety and Fun in Mini Games

The fun of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout lies in its 24-game show-like activities. Many of them, like Hit Parade and The Whirlygig, offer thrilling races and playful challenges. Each game has multiple routes, some riskier than others, which means that even if you're trailing, you're never really out of the race. However, some games, like See Saw, can be frustrating due to the unpredictable physics and the lack of understanding of some players. But that’s part of the charm, too, the unpredictability and silliness that these physics-based games offer. 

Battles with the Beast - Slime Climb

One of the most challenging games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Slime Climb, where you're racing against time, rivals, and obstacles while trying to escape the rising slime. This event usually sees a significant reduction in the player count, often leaving only a few contenders. But with practice, you can master it and look forward to it appearing in the game rotation.

The Downside: Lack of Offline Modes and Local Co-op

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently an online-only game with no offline modes or practice areas. This setup means that you can only master the events through numerous online losses. A significant drawback is the lack of local co-op play. This omission seems like a missed opportunity, especially for a party game where playing with friends heightens the fun. And while you can form a party with up to four friends, wouldn’t it be great to have a lobby full of your friends battling for the crown?

Some Game Rounds Fall Short

While most events in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are enjoyable, some fall short. Perfect Match, for example, is a simple memory game that is less exciting compared to the other activities. Similarly, the ‘tail tag’ mechanic, which requires you to chase other players and grab their tails, can be exasperating as the grabbing mechanism often fails unless you're incredibly close. Team events can also be frustrating if your teammates aren’t pulling their weight. 

Conclusion: A Joyful Battle Royale Experience

Despite these minor setbacks, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout provides a delightful and joyful gaming experience. The sense of accomplishment when you win is unparalleled. While there are areas for improvement, the game's unique blend of party and battle royale elements, coupled with its vibrant aesthetic and exciting soundtrack, makes it a standout in the genre. 


  • A unique and fun blend of the game show and battle royale formats;
  • Vibrant, colorful aesthetic and catchy soundtrack;
  • Variety of mini-games that offer fun and challenging gameplay;
  • Sense of achievement when winning;


  • Lack of offline mode and local co-op play;
  • Some game rounds are less exciting than others;
  • Frustrations with team events when teammates aren’t contributing;
  • Some game mechanics, like the ‘tail tag’, can be frustrating;

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