Embarking on an Aquatic Adventure: A Guide to Stardew Valley's Extended Family Quest

Jeremy Smith


Embarking on an Aquatic Adventure: A Guide to Stardew Valley's Extended Family Quest

Stardew Valley, a game renowned for its charming countryside life and myriad of activities, has always captivated players with its fishing challenges. Among these challenges, the Extended Family Quest is a unique mission that offers anglers the opportunity to hook a new set of extraordinary fish. In the serene setting of the game's Ginger Island, the quest is handed down by Qi in the Walnut Room, tasking players to catch a collection of legendary fish's relatives. This guide is designed to navigate you through the waters of this quest, ensuring you know precisely where to cast your line and which gear to equip for a successful fishing expedition.

Discovering the Locations of Legendary Relatives

The Extended Family Quest breaks from the typical seasonal constraints of fishing in Stardew Valley, allowing players to pursue these elusive creatures at any time. Each legendary fish's relative can be found in a specific spot, reminiscent of where the original legendary fish were located. To successfully complete this quest, you'll need to revisit these iconic fishing locations across the valley, each presenting its unique environment and challenges.

The Angler's Kin: Ms. Angler

The first stop on your fishing journey is the stretch of water just north of Joja Mart. Here, beneath the wooden bridge, the waters are home to Ms. Angler, a fish related to the legendary Angler. Positioning is crucial in this quest; the narrow waterway requires precision casting, and standing on the bridge itself offers the perfect vantage point. Cast your line downstream and wait for the telltale tug of Ms. Angler on the other end. Patience and finesse are your allies here, as this fish is as wily as its famed relative.

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Glacierfish Jr.'s Icy Lair

Next, we venture to Cindersap Forest, where a distinctive, triangle-shaped island awaits. It's here in the chilly waters that Glacierfish Jr. can be caught. The task demands that you plant your feet on the southernmost tip of the island, casting your line into the deep, icy blue. The environment's tranquility belies the challenge beneath the surface, as Glacierfish Jr. is known to put up a fight. With each cast, the anticipation builds, and with the right technique, you'll soon feel the weight of this frosty fish at the end of your line.

Crimsonfish Offspring: Son of Crimsonfish

The quest continues to the Beach, where after restoring the dilapidated bridge with 300 pieces of wood, access is granted to the Eastern Pier. The salty sea breeze and the sound of waves set the scene for your encounter with the Son of Crimsonfish. This area, only reachable after the bridge repair, offers a tranquil fishing spot where the horizon stretches endlessly before you. Casting from the pier into the vast ocean, this part of the quest not only tests your fishing skills but provides a moment of reflection, as the grandeur of nature envelops you, and the reel starts to spin with the bite of the Son of Crimsonfish.

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Essential Gear for the Legendary Hunt

Success in the Extended Family Quest is not just about knowing the right spots; it's also about being equipped with the best gear. The Iridium Rod stands as the pinnacle of fishing equipment, providing the precision and strength needed to reel in these formidable fishes. Pairing this rod with the Curiosity Lure increases your chances of attracting these rare breeds, while the Lead Bobber assists in controlling the hook's descent, crucial for these swift-moving targets. Additionally, Wild Bait, with its allure to a variety of fish, is indispensable, as it may hasten your quest to catch these legendary relatives.

In conclusion, Stardew Valley's Extended Family Quest offers an exciting and rewarding challenge for seasoned anglers and novices alike. With the right equipment and knowledge of the fishing locations, players can immerse themselves in the pursuit of these unique aquatic family members. Remember, these legendary variants are only available during the quest, adding a sense of urgency and accomplishment to your fishing endeavors. Follow this guide, and you'll be well on your way to claiming your place among Stardew Valley's most legendary fishermen.