The Path to the Skyrest Bridge Key in Lords of the Fallen

Jeremy Smith


The Path to the Skyrest Bridge Key in Lords of the Fallen

For those immersed in the thrilling game Lords of the Fallen, the hidden Skyrest Bridge Key can be an elusive item to find. This key is not just an ordinary item but a crucial gateway that unveils new gear and shortcuts, making your journey through one of the game's largest zones less complex. To grasp this vital Key Item, you, as the player, will need to voyage between the Axiom and Umbral realms, venturing into the shadowy depths of the game's world.

Setting the Stage: Your Arrival at Skyrest Bridge

Coming fresh off your victorious battle with Pieta, a boss that guards the game's main hub area, your character finds himself at Skyrest Bridge. With the path now open, you'll begin to explore the new area, battling basic enemies and discovering the Vestige of Chabui, a resting point where you can use your accumulated Vigor for level upgrades.

Maneuvering the Hazardous Landscape: Accessing The Hidden Path

Beyond the Vestige, you'll encounter floating platforms. These platforms pose a threat as the enemies here are designed to knock you into the abyss. To navigate this treacherous terrain, activate your Lantern in the Axiom world to reveal a hidden path. After crossing the hidden bridge, you'll need to shift to the Umbral Realm. Here, you'll face a few enemies that spawn in this shadowy world.

Unveiling the Key: Activating the Soul Flay

In the Umbral Realm, you'll see an Umbral Belly. Use Soul Flay here and watch as a new bridge materializes, leading you further across the abyss. Another Umbral Belly can be found here; using Soul Flay on it will reveal the long-sought Skyrest Bridge Key. Be prepared though, as two powerful enemies will launch an attack the instant you secure the key. To evade these foes, you can quickly return to the Axiom via the space near the first hidden path.

Onward and Upward: Using the Skyrest Bridge Key

With the Skyrest Bridge Key now in your possession, you can make your way back to the Vestige for a well-deserved rest and recuperation. Now that you have this key, new sections of the Skyrest Bridge are accessible. Uncover the secrets, collect new gear, and enjoy the thrill of exploration in this expansive zone of Lords of the Fallen.

Armed with this knowledge, you are now well-equipped to find and utilize the Skyrest Bridge Key, opening up a world of possibilities in your gaming adventure. The key not only unlocks new paths but also adds a certain depth and thrill to your gaming experience. Good luck, and happy gaming!