A Survivalist's Guide to Procuring Crude Oil in 'The Front'

Anna Bells


A Survivalist's Guide to Procuring Crude Oil in 'The Front'

The Front, a riveting survival game, plunges you into a vast world teeming with adversaries, demanding you to assemble a base, construct edifices, and accumulate invaluable resources for survival. One such resource is Crude Oil, a key ingredient to crafting certain materials and accomplishing tasks. This article will explore the various ways to procure Crude Oil in 'The Front'.

Finding Crude Oil

Crude Oil can be found nestled in the black patches of land within the game's expansive world. The process of acquiring it is relatively simple: once you've located a black patch, stand on it and commence extraction using a shovel. Always keeping a shovel handy is a prudent move, as it ensures you're ever-ready for oil collection.

Mining Crude Oil Manually

Crude Oil can also be obtained by constructing a Manual Miner. Interacting with the Manual Miner by holding down the action key and selecting the oil collection option enables you to collect Crude Oil. However, this method might not be the most efficient if you're looking to accumulate a large quantity of oil in a short time span.

Creating a Simple Oil Well

In terms of efficiency, constructing a Simple Oil Well proves to be more advantageous. However, this method requires you to level up and unlock the necessary technologies. While the Manual Miner and Simple Oil Well methods do have their merits, having a shovel as a fallback remains a wise decision.

Future of Crude Oil Collection in The Front

Currently, The Front is in an early-access phase, which is projected to last approximately a year. Throughout this period, the game's mechanics may undergo modifications, and new content could be introduced. This implies that future versions of the game might feature new and diverse methods of obtaining Crude Oil. Therefore, while the current strategies are valuable, players should remain open to the prospect of new and evolved resource-gathering techniques.

In conclusion, there are several ways to obtain Crude Oil in 'The Front', each with its advantages and constraints. Whether you're digging with a shovel, using a Manual Miner, or constructing a Simple Oil Well, the key is to adapt your strategy to the changing game environment and stay prepared for any new developments. After all, survival is all about adaptability!