Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Nightfall and Raid Rotations Guide

Jeremy Smith


Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Nightfall and Raid Rotations Guide

Each week, Destiny 2 players experience the game's reset, which refreshes a plethora of activities. The weekly reset is a significant event, offering Guardians new challenges, ensuring both excitement and unique gameplay opportunities. Here's what you can expect in this week's Nightfall and Raid rotations.

Nightfall Strikes

Nightfall Strikes are more challenging versions of regular Vanguard Strikes, featuring tougher enemies and various modifiers. They reward players with high-level gear and other valuable items. This week, the featured Nightfall Strike is The Scarlet Keep. Guardians should prepare for intense battles against the Hive, including the formidable final boss, Hashladun. Key strategies include:

  • Utilizing Solar and Arc damage to break enemy shields.
  • Equipping mods to counter Overload and Unstoppable Champions.
  • Coordinating with your fireteam to manage ad control and boss DPS phases.

Raid Rotations

Destiny 2's Raids are complex, multi-step missions that require teamwork and strategy. Weekly Raid rotations ensure there's always a fresh challenge for seasoned players. This week’s featured Raid is Deep Stone Crypt, located on Europa. This Raid includes numerous puzzle mechanics and tough encounters against the Fallen. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Assign roles and communicate clearly to handle mechanics like the Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor buffs.
  • Practice encounters like Atraks-1 and Taniks, the Abomination to master their mechanics.
  • Bring a mix of damage types to manage different enemies effectively.

Additional Weekly Activities

Besides the featured Nightfall and Raid, the weekly reset also refreshes other activities:

  • Crucible Rotations: New PvP modes and maps available for competitive play.
  • Gambit: Fresh challenges and opportunities to earn rewards in this PvPvE mode.
  • Seasonal Challenges: Progress through the Season Pass with weekly objectives.

Recommended Loadouts

To tackle this week’s activities, consider the following loadouts:

For Nightfall Strike: The Scarlet Keep

  • Primary Weapon: Sunshot (Solar Hand Cannon)
  • Special Weapon: Divinity (Arc Trace Rifle)
  • Heavy Weapon: Anarchy (Grenade Launcher)

For Deep Stone Crypt Raid

  • Primary Weapon: Fatebringer (Kinetic Hand Cannon)
  • Special Weapon: Witherhoard (Kinetic Grenade Launcher)
  • Heavy Weapon: Falling Guillotine (Void Sword)


The weekly reset is a cornerstone of Destiny 2, giving players a structured yet varied experience. This week’s challenges in the Nightfall Strike and Deep Stone Crypt Raid are not only exciting but come with valuable rewards. Gather your fireteam, strategize, and take on these formidable foes to secure legendary gear and accolades.