Ballad of Antara: A New Soulslike Experience Unveiled by Pascal's Wager Creators

Jeremy Smith


Ballad of Antara: A New Soulslike Experience Unveiled by Pascal's Wager Creators

The team responsible for Horizon Zero Dawn and a combat-focused RPG inspired by God of War has unveiled their upcoming project: Ballad of Antara, a cooperative, free-to-play game with a similar vibe to soulslikes, planned for release on PS5 in 2025.

TipsWorks, recognized for their 2020 action-RPG hit Pascal's Wager, announced their latest endeavor, Ballad of Antara. This game invites 1-3 players to explore its free-to-play soulslike world on PS5 come 2025.

For those who might not remember Pascal's Wager, this game stood out in the mobile gaming realm for its expansive, detailed RPG experience offered at a premium cost, breaking away from the typical free-to-play, microtransaction-heavy model. While it received a warm reception on mobile devices, its global debut on PC and Switch was met with a lukewarm and at times critical response.

Fast forward to Ballad of Antara, and it's evident that the game is an aesthetic feast with landscapes reminiscent of Elden Ring and Dark Souls, albeit with a bit too much similarity. It's more than a nod to its soulslike roots; it's a bold declaration, emphasized by its dramatic landscapes. The game's preview does offer glimpses into various settings, some of which promise a dash of originality.

Interestingly, despite its high-quality aspirations as described by Tipsworks Studio's Yang Yang, Ballad of Antara will not cost players to join. This free-to-play offering encourages teaming up with two other players.

Yang shares on a PlayStation blog, "For this brand-new franchise, our goal was to design an expansive universe rich in geographic diversity and cultural depth. In its ordinary realm, everyday individuals go about their lives. Yet, another dimension of this universe teems with extraordinary phenomena. Named 'Para,' this realm houses the essence of existence, now under threat from an ancient force. This peril sets the stage for our narrative."

The narrative of Ballad of Antara is set against the backdrop of a world reeling from an unspecified disaster. Players take on the roles of Emissaries, each with a mission to restore order. A young girl featured at the trailer's conclusion plays a central role in unraveling the enigma at hand.

Having dedicated four years to developing Ballad of Antara, TipsWorks is committed to enriching the game post-launch with new Emissaries, additional territories, narrative extensions, "and more."