A Modern Warfare 3 Glitch That's Locking Out Progress — Here’s What We Know

Jeremy Smith


A Modern Warfare 3 Glitch That's Locking Out Progress — Here’s What We Know

The gaming community often anticipates a new release with excitement and high expectations. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was no different, promising a new angle on the classic first-person shooter experience. Yet, less than a week into its launch, a glaring glitch has left a sour taste in players’ mouths. This vexing issue within the Armory Unlock system prevents progress in unlocking gear, leaving players with a sense of stagnation and frustration.

The bug in question is particularly egregious as it affects the completion of Daily Challenges — a central component of the game's unlock system. Players are given a set amount of these challenges to complete each day, each one rewarding Armory Points necessary to access new weapons, attachments, and equipment. However, the glitch causes certain challenges to track or not track at all incorrectly. This not only hampers immediate progression but also blocks the path for future unlocks that depend on the completion of these tasks. 

Acknowledging the issue, the game's developers, Sledgehammer Games, have indicated they are aware of the challenge tracking problem and are working towards a solution. This comes as a relief, yet one can't help but wonder about the time and effort already lost. Given the studio's impressive track record for prompt updates, there's cautious optimism for a swift resolution.

For those caught in this annoying predicament, there are temporary workarounds. Zombies mode presents alternative Daily Challenges contributing to the overall Armory Unlocks. These tend to be less demanding than their PvP counterparts and, so far, seem immune to the glitch affecting the main game. Moreover, players can unlock their desired equipment by extracting the items from Zombies mode — permanently adding them to their multiplayer arsenal.

The community awaits a fix with bated breath. The frustration is palpable as players are forced to find ways around an obstacle that shouldn't be there to begin with. It is a testament to the player base's commitment and affection for the franchise that they persist despite these problems. The hope is that Sledgehammer Games will soon deliver a patch that repairs the bug and restores the full, robust experience that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 aims to offer. Until then, players are left employing stopgaps and holding onto the promise of uninterrupted progress in the near future.